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Lisa Krause's Artwork (2003-Present)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Totem: At the End of the Day

totem: at the end of the day.
mixed media (carved televisions, video, acrylic, plywood)

I formed totem poles from discarded televisions, carving traditional characters into the surface and accenting the detail in acrylic paint. The video in the screens addresses common elements of our human evolution across cultures. I created this piece to emphasize the irony of cultural evolution in which western societies feel that anything else is backward. The symbolism in using outdated televisions emulate the iconic characters used by Northwestern Native American tribes to teach tribal history and protect villages addresses the nature of our current society. Our wastefulness, as well as our passive reliance on convenient media to educate and inform ourselves.

Security: Bear Mines 5308174 and 73287489

security: bear mine 53009174 and bear mine 73287489
2 pieces, 2’x2’x6’ each
mixed media (cast fiber glass, scrap metal, tow-chain, concrete)

More than a year ago, among the releases of information provided by our Department of Homeland Security; was the revelation that the Taliban would be sending bombs disguised as teddy bears in the mail to random American citizens. I visualized the exploding bears, and found it ironic that children will use teddy bears for security, and that water mines are defensive weapons used to secure an area. I decided to create teddy bear water mines in a reaction to the paranoia over terrorism and good/evil in our culture, as well as for the children that are fighting in the wars.