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Monday, October 6, 2014

POTATOES OF AUGUST -October 9-26 (Thurs-Sun) 8PM

EMP Collective: 307 West Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD (Between Eutaw and Howard Street)

The latest theatrical masterpiece from EMP Collective RISES THIS OCTOBER.

by Sybil Kempson

Two middle-aged couples are sent into spiraling existential crises when they discover a growing sack of sentient potatoes. These potatoes have brains, have read their Swedenborg, and DON’T. PLAY. FAIR. 

Rapidly growing in number and intellect, the potatoes unravel the couples' carefully curated realities.

Parts kitchen sink drama, musical comedy, intimate biographical portraiture, museum educational presentation, opera, Renaissance fair, science fiction, science fair, and phenomenological debate, Potatoes of August swells and swirls on a vision quest for a different kind of understanding of the world around us.

Directed by Evan Moritz
Featuring Kelvin Pittman, Mattie Rogers Kroiz, Amelia Carroll, Ruben Kroiz, Connor Kizer, Sarah Jacklin, and Vii Lee.

Music Composition || Mike Iverson and David Crandall.
Lyrics || Sybil Kempson
Puppet and Potatoes Design || Lisa Krause and Gina Denton
Props || Katya Villano
Set Design || Emona Stoykova
Costume Design || Stephanie Parks
Lighting Design || Rick Gerriets
Projections Design || Dan Zink

On NPR: "Baltimore’s EMP Collective is getting ready to stage an experimental play by Sybil Kempson, and to call it ‘experimental’ is an understatement. When The Signal’s Aaron Henkin dropped in at a rehearsal, all he knew about the play is that it features a trio of sentient potatoes. After his visit, he understood even less. Here’s Aaron’s attempt at a preview of The Potatoes of August."

Monday, August 25, 2014

Puppet Design for POTATOES OF AUGUST at EMP Collective Oct '14.

Rehearsal Photo

After the closing of "We Are All Strangers Here" I was approached by Carly Bales, Artistic Director of EMP Collective, to be the Puppet Designer for their upcoming production: POTATOES OF AUGUST.

EMP Collective has since won Best Of Baltimore Award for Best Multiuse Space for Arts and Entertainment.  This will be their first show since receiving the award.

EMP COLLECTIVE 307 W. Baltimore St., (410) 244-0785,

Maquette: Potatoes God- Random
Maquette: Potatoes God- Stacked


Drying in the sun
Couch Potatoes

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out!

Friday, June 27, 2014


From EMP's event write-up:

Our latest gallery show, We're All Strangers Here, opens Friday, June 27th. 

Inner worlds collide into extraterrestrial landscapes as artists create new terrains to be interpreted, reinterpreted, and to get lost in. 

We're All Strangers Here features the installation works of Gina Alexandra Denton, April Camlin, Hoesy Corona, Nikki Painter, Lisa Krause, and Laure Drogoul. 

This show is organized by curator Sara Barnes and EMP Artistic Director, Carly J. Bales. 

EMP Collective  *  307 West Baltimore Street  *   Baltimore, MD 
Opening night: June 27, 7-10PM   Closing Event: Friday, July 25, 7-9PM

"Relics of a Disappearing World"


Eamon and I wheat-pasting during installation

Gina Denton

April Camlin

Laure Drogoul

Hosey Carona

Nikki Painter