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Lisa Krause's Artwork (2003-Present)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Quest Fest 2012: "Between Mean" - Black Cherry Puppet Theater's new marionette show

Black Cherry Puppet Theater has been commissioned by Quest Visual Theater to create a new marionette show: Between Mean 
featuring live music accompaniment by Walker and Jay

Between Mean will be performed Friday March 30 and Saturday March 31
3134 Eastern Avenue Baltimore MD 21224
Tickets are available through the Creative Alliance box office or at Choice Ticketing

Black Cherry Puppet Theatre
Photo: Black Cherry Puppet Theatre
The Black Cherry Puppet Theater’s puppets collaborate with musicians in a study of loss, remorse and redemption. Marionettes, hand puppets and shadows take a delightful dance through folklore, mythos, music and death in a visual telling of an old story. The audience follows the hero first through green verdant gardens as they grow seedy, weedy, until he finds himself in an urban wasteland watched by a darker side. He relives memories of one true love and how he lost it. He decides he loves what he no longer has and goes to get back what he never wanted, but now sees as his. Meanwhile, the woman isn’t quite what he thought he thought she was. This is the story of a man’s journey as he discovers he never knew what he had until it was gone. When he gets it back, does he really want it after all?
Michael Lamason, executive director
William Haas, co-director
Jennifer Strunge, puppeteer/education
Lisa Krause, puppeteer/education
James DiLisio, Musician
Walker Teret, Musician
Black Cherry Puppet Theater is an association of artists and performers blending decades of craft and innovation to breath life into the art of puppetry.
Company artists pursue three goals: Excellence at the art of puppetry, making the tradition of puppetry accessible to all audiences, and using puppetry as an educational tool.

Key Information

Saturday, March 30 @ 8:00pm*
Saturday, March 31 @ 8:00pm*
*Talk Back after show
General Admission: $16
Students/Senior Citizens: $11


Black Cherry’s values:
  • Art is central to our mission and work.
  • Art is an essential part of achieving success in school, life and work.
  • Achieving the highest quality education and community arts programs.
  • Being an anchor in the Southwest Baltimore Community, by supporting community-based activities and buying local goods and services.
  • Providing affordable programming to audiences and communities without access to high quality art.
  • Attention to our planet by re-using materials and adapting recycling principles throughout the creative process.
The troupe has performed for tens of thousands with a repertoire that includes complex marionettes, transformation puppets, object-theater, shadow puppets and giant parade puppets. Black Cherry has developed innovative, educational programming for children and youth.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quest Fest 2012- Community Arts Residency

As part of Quest Fest 2012, an annual international visual theater festival in Baltimore, we at Black Cherry Puppet Theater did a community arts residencies in collaboration with the Creative Alliance's Open Minds after school arts programs.
I worked with a group of high schoolers at a local library.
We used the Lakota ghost story "The Man Who Was Afraid of Nothing" as inspiration for our puppet show.  We read the story and discussed its origin, themes, and relevance to our culture today.  The students designed the set and puppets for the show, and we collaborated on expressing the story through wordless-choreography set to music, which helped our show be accessible to the broadest audience possible.

Community Showcase
with Black Cherry Puppet TheaterSaturday Mar 24, 4pm.
Eastern Ave Puppet Parade 3:30pm

Creative Alliance

at The Patterson
3134 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore Maryland 21224

Creative Alliance wraps our QuestFest community residencies with a showcase of visual theater, featuring our own Open Minds youth with Black Cherry Puppet Theater, and folktales told through movement & gesture by students from Friendship Academy, Gwynn’s Falls Elementary and MD School for the Deaf. Opens with a puppet parade on Eastern Ave bus stops by Communities for All Ages, Baltimore Medical System and FAST at 3:30pm. Reception follows.

Presented by QuestFest.


We had our last rehearsals yesterday, and our performance will be this Saturday March 24th.

It is also being held at the Creative Alliance and is Free and open to the public