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Lisa Krause's Artwork (2003-Present)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ball Movement II: Mole Balls

7th Annual Transmodern Festival
April 15th – 18th, 2010 — Baltimore
Museum of Art + H&H Building, Baltimore

(where the moles learn to survive through waves of hellish laser beams of doom (made of ping-pong balls), veiled behind some alter egos (different character cut outs with a face hole). mean while, the exterminators works out their team effort to overcome disorientation and distractions of all natural and supernatural elements, and successfully score and eliminate the pests by unleashing velcroed thunder balls aimed at their head. head shots only. SEE VIDEO BELOW

A project of Michael Benevento and Andrew Liang

Contributors / Artists
Russell Hite, Katherine St Paul Hill, Elena Johnston, Sean Honey, Jeff Mcgrath, Jordan Kasey, Lou Joseph, Eamon Espey, John Bohl, Katie Rose, Gary Kachadourian, Kieran Gillen

Mole Sculptor
Lisa Krause

Harness Engineers
Melanie Lester and Risa Ono

Sound Engineer
Martin Kasey

Staff / Volunteer
Annie Gray, Steve Santillian, Miranda Pfeiffer, Krysten Watson, Joana Kopcyzk, Mitchell Goodrich, Megan Chin, Michell Porucznik, Bettina Yung, Maude Kasperzak

Photographer / Videographer
Monique Crabb, Emmanuel Nicolaidis, Andrew Shenker

This Just In:
Review on Charm City Current blog April 28, 2010
While I didn't get mentioned on the website for my work, there's some great photos of the molehelmets and a really good review of transmodern by the director of the Baltimore Museum of Art

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