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Friday, September 17, 2010

Clusterbomb Bears: Hammerfest, Norway

New photos of the Clusterbomb Bears photo installation project during our trip to Norway for the Oslo Comix Expo in June 2010. I photographed the bears in Hammerfest, a small fishing village in the Arctic Circle and then sold all the bears at the Expo in Oslo.

The photos are in a Sami Burial Ground, near the shore of the Artic Ocean, in an outdoor facility for drying fish- which was historically a main industry of the town before oil refining companies took over, and on the summit of a mountain in the town of Hammerfest.

I will be showing these photos at the International Art In Response To Violence Confrence in Chicago, IL September 30- October 1 2010. I will also be giving a presentation about my personal and community art work in Baltimore as well as experiences and opportunities for like-minded artists in the city. I also will be giving a workshop on shrine building.

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