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Lisa Krause's Artwork (2003-Present)

Monday, July 12, 2004

In this world a woman isn't worth much

I support the availability of affordable, safe, and legal abortions because they are medical procedures, and not a political topic. If you want to talk politics- It is often those people that are "prolife" that are also "prowar". I'm pro-life too, pro-my life and I work toward a better life for those around me, including hundreds of children whose survival is dependent upon programs most "prolife" people don't want to fund. The historical truth is that girls and women who want an abortion will get one regardless of its legality. Its our responsibility as a developed society to ensure that people are educated and healthy, and able to make informed decisions as well as know how to prevent a pregnancy in the first place. Cultures without science rely on witchcraft or folk beliefs, but since we have science- we should not let those people that believe in magic distract us from societal responsibility and medical safety.

Contact print made from reversing photographs and text. Mixed media fetus.

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